St Leonard’s Christmas Tree Festival

wooly tree.jpgOur Year 7 Craft Club took part in the St Leonard’s Christmas Tree Festival last weekend, creating a fabulous Wooly Christmas Tree. Thank you to all students and families who visited the festival and voted for our Christmas Tree. Our Year 7 Craft Club and Mrs Embley have all worked so hard. Well done!

Mrs Cattanach
Associate Assistant Headteacher and Year 7 RAC

GCSE Awards Evening

On Thursday 14th November, we welcomed our Class of 2019 at our GCSE Awards Evening to celebrate their success. Prizes were awarded for exceptional achievement, notable effort, determination and progress. We also awarded a new Soroptimist Award for Community Champion. Thank you to Edwina Grant OBE, Executive Director of Education and Children’s Services for presenting our prizes to the girls. The following girls received subject prizes and special awards:


The Trophy for Artistic Excellence

Charlotte P

Outstanding Progress and Effort

Lydia G



The Computing and ICT Award

Imogen H

Outstanding Progress and Effort

Sarah A



The Enid Eaton Memorial Trophy for English

Hannah R

Outstanding Progress and Effort

Hajhra I



The Dunscar Trophy for Achievement in Geography

Eleanor C

Outstanding Progress and Effort

Ella De F



The Patricia Jones Cup for History

Caitlin A

Outstanding Progress and Effort

Sumaiya M



The Russell Family Cup for Languages

Charis B

Outstanding Progress and Effort

Jessie W





The Mathematics Cup

Emma F

Outstanding Progress and Effort

Victoria L



The Emma MacDougall Trophy for Achievement in Music

Hannah R

Outstanding Progress and Effort

Rose C



The Hewetson Cup for Outstanding Contribution to School Sport

Chloe B (PE)

Emily C(Dance)

Samrana F (Health & Social Care)

Outstanding Progress and Effort

Madeleine B (PE)

Katy G (Dance)

Sumaiyah M (Health & Social Care)



Exceptional Achievement in Religious Education Trophy

Ella De F

Outstanding Progress and Effort

Samrana F



The Angela Ball Award for Science

Ellen H

Outstanding Progress and Effort in Science Combined

Khadija M


The Dame Sue Ion Physics Award

Katherine T

Outstanding Progress and Effort in Physics

Hawaa M


The Dame Nancy Rothwell Biology Award

Sana M

Outstanding Progress and Effort in Biology

Madeleine B



The Dorothy Hodgkin Chemistry Award

Charis B

Outstanding Progress and Effort in Chemistry

Amirah P



The University of Central Lancashire Trophy for Technology

Katie F (Design Technology)

Ruby W (Food Technology)

Design Technology: Outstanding Progress and Effort

Hajhra I

Food Technology: Outstanding Progress and Effort

Ellie D




Headteacher Award for Resilience and Endeavour

Chloe H


The Prize for Outstanding Achievement

Charis B


The Award for Service to School

Emma F


The Governors’ Cup for Excellent Attendance

Charis B


The Joan Fitz-Gibbon Award for Outstanding Effort

Nazirah V


The Joanne Sanderson Memorial Trophy

Jennie S


The Melissa Smith Memorial Trophy

Maariya F


Community Champion (Soroptimist Award)

Mimi M-P

Year 8 Faraday Challenge

faraday1.jpgOn Thursday 7th November, we hosted the Faraday Challenge here at Penwortham Girls’ for our students and 3 other local High Schools. The Faraday Challenge is run by the IET ( The institution of Engineering and Technology) and this year it was sponsered by Airbus. We entered 2 teams of Year 8 students and they had to work together to help solve one of the problems given to them by airbus.

Students worked as a team to come up with a creative solution and protoype, which they then had to present to all the other schools and the judge Mick, from the IET. The students did this professionally and with confidence.  This was then followed by a series of questions which resembled those from Dragon’s Den!  Both teams handled this well and were able to work as a team to represent the school impeccably.

I am pleased to say that one of the teams from PGHS (Team 2) , won the competition.  The team were awarded a trophy and each member of the team received a gift voucher. They were congratulated on their innovative idea and the way in which they worked as a team to solve the problem. Fingers crossed that we go through to the next round which is later in the Summer term.

Well done to all the girls who took part – it was a great day!


Mrs Freer

Teacher of Technology

Feature Artist: Deborah Shapiro

featureartistshapiro1.jpgThis term, our ‘Feature Artist’ collage artist is Deborah Shapiro.  Our Year 9 students are currently studying her unique and brilliant art style to influence their Animal Eye canvases. 

“There’s more than meets the eye.”  Look closely at all the details in her collage.  Each is made with ripped or torn magazine paper.  No paint is used at all!

Deborah Shapiro has a significant online presence including YouTube tutorials and her own website:

Mrs Morris
Lead Teacher of Art

Art Clay Fairy Doors – Primary Enrichment

This term we were host to a group of delightful students from Broad Oak Primary School.  Their task was to create a fairy door from air drying clay and develop creative writing strategies using their sculptures.  The day was a great success and the students produced some lovely examples.  Here are a few highlights from the day: 

BTEC Creative Media Production

Year 10 students have made a fantastic start to this brand new course.  They have completed their first part of the assessment and have produced some good work. We are going to start to look at the different techniques used within the film industry and the skills involved in making films. I will keep updating on their progress throughout this exciting course!

Mrs Smith
Curriculum Leader of the C.A.T. Faculty

GCSE Computer Science

Year 11 students have been working hard and have spent time during revision lessons preparing for the mock exams. As part of this revision, the girls were tasked with preparing a short revision session for the class.  These were very well-prepared and there were even some drama performances!  They will be completing their 20 hours NEA in December and January; keep a look out on Parentmail for the dates when this will be completed. Good luck, girls, with your upcoming mock exam!

Year 10 students have had a fantastic first half term and have been learning the theory behind computers and programming.  They have learnt about algorithms, how to write pseudocode and the different algorithm search methods; this has challenged the girls to think like a computer and to understand how computer programs are designed and then written. There were some great results from the end of the first half term assessment.  Keep up the hard work!

Mrs J Smith
Curriculum Leader for the C.A.T. Faculty

Key Stage 3 Computing

Year 7 students have spent the first half term learning about different aspects of online safety including cyber-bullying, social networking and how to stay safe using this media. They have all completed a group presentation about an aspect of online safety and have created a number of products to make young people aware of the dangers. I am looking forward to watching their presentations that start this week.

Year 8 students have been learning about internet searching techniques and looking into a variety of research including primary and secondary research.  The girls have been conducting their own primary research around the topic of aliens. They have produced some amazing information leaflets including persuasive vocabulary to inform audiences whether aliens exist or not. This half term, we are now learning about binary, hexadecimal and coding language python. This will give the girls experience of GCSE Computer Science.

Year 9 students have been learning about advanced publisher skills.  They have conducted some secondary research around magazines and looked at the design of a variety of magazines and publications. The students reviewed these publications and used these to generate ideas for their own magazine design. The girls carried out primary research into magazine designs and topics for magazines.  They then analysed their findings and using this research, designed their own professional looking magazine.  The girls have amazed me at the quality of the magazines created and there has been some professional-looking work produced. The majority of girls spent time at lunch time to complete this work. This half term they are building on their python coding skills from Year 8 which will give them a taste of GCSE Computer Science.

Mrs J Smith
Curriculum Leader for the C.A.T. Faculty

Remembrance Day 2019

remembranceday.jpgSenior students, accompanied by Mr Ramsdale, took part in the Service of Remembrance at the Penwortham Cenotaph last Sunday. Our Head Girl, Susannah, contributed to the reading of the names of the fallen from the First and Second world wars, before laying a wreath on behalf of everyone at Penwortham Girls’.

It was heartening to see so many Penwortham Girls’ at the service, both past and present, several of them representing organisations including the Scouts and the local churches.

Mr Ramsdale

Assistant Headteacher

  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award
  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award