Virtual Christmas Concert

We hope by now you have had the opportunity to watch the Music Department’s Virtual Christmas Concert. The girls worked extremely hard on all of the performances and we are extremely proud of them. For many of the Year 7 students, it was their first experience of playing the hand chimes and whilst they made it look incredibly easy, playing your chime at the exact moment required is a skill in itself! Well done, all of you! The brass group are missing performing together on a Monday lunchtime and so when the opportunity came to perform together virtually, they were the first to say that they would. The final result is fantastic – I’m sure you’ll agree! Well done to all the girls and Mr Crane. There were also a number of fantastic soloists who took the opportunity to record their pieces on their own. Well done to each and every one of you! Hopefully, next year, we will be back to normal and we will be able to look forward to enjoying ‘live’ music again.

Mrs Cattanach
Curriculum Leader for Music

Farewell to Miss Owen

The faculty of Performance, Sport and Health would like to wish Miss Owen good luck in her new adventure. Unfortunately, Miss Owen will be leaving PGHS after the Christmas holidays and will certainly be missed. Miss Shahi and I would like to thank Miss Owen for all her hard work whilst at PGHS and wish her the best of luck in the future.

Mrs Naylor
Curriculum Leader for the Performance, Sport and Health Faculty

‘Class of 2020’ A Celebration

Unfortunately, this year we were unable to hold our Class of 2020 GCSE Awards Evening. However, we still celebrated their success and awarded prizes for exceptional achievement, notable effort, determination and progress. All our leavers received a ‘Class of 2020′ Celebration booklet with messages from staff and the Head Girl, including photos of their time here at Penwortham Girls’.

To the class of 2020,

What a year it turned out to be!  Words cannot express how upsetting it was to have you leave us in the most dramatic and strangest of circumstances.  We were hugely disappointed that you were unable to sit your exams, knowing how hard you had worked, and that you were also deprived of the traditional events calendared for our Year 11 leavers.  I am so disappointed that I have not been able to deliver on the promise I made to you all about your Valedictory, Awards Evening and Leavers’ Assembly.  But who knew this dreadful virus would continue to dominate our lives for as long as it has?  I do hope that that this book goes some way to compensating for everything you have had to sacrifice over the last few months.

As you embark on the next stage of your journey, I want you to know that it was an absolute pleasure to work with you and watch you develop as senior members of the school. I will never forget your last day in school, particularly the tremendous strength of spirit and support you showed for each other.  I have never felt prouder of a year group! I shall also never forget the words of Susanna during your impromptu leavers’ assembly, which resonated so much with me:

We have noticed that many pupils are beginning to refer to ourselves as ‘The Corona Year’, so I decided to research this suggestive label.  According to Google, the word ‘corona’ can refer to an element of the sun and other stats, or the centre of a daffodil.  Despite the variation, it is evident that we are an exceptional year group – illuminating and warming; blossoming and thriving…This unfortunate virus will no longer define our year but, instead, empower us as the resolute and spirited young women that we have proven to be.

I know, having spoken to a number of you, that you have a wide range of dreams and ambitions and I wish you all the very best as you strive to achieve them over the next few years.

Hopefully, despite the dramatic way in which you were forced to leave, you will take with you some wonderful memories of PGHS.  Throughout your five years with us you will have made some great friends and achieved successes in a wide variety of areas, whether it be on the sports field, stage or in the classroom (I suspect a number of you will be appearing on our alumnae wall in years to come!)

So, don’t forget us and please keep in touch. Believe it or not, we are always sad to see a year group leave and it gives us a lot of pleasure when past students return to let us know how they are getting on!

Good luck and all the very best for the future.

Mrs Pomeroy

The following girls received subject prizes and special awards:




The Trophy for Artistic Excellence

Susanna S

An outstanding individual who excelled in all areas of the GCSE Art & Design. Hardworking, caring and passionate about Art, Susanna was consistently awarded top marks, securing a Grade 9 and on a par with an A-Level standard. We wish her every success in the future.


Outstanding Progress and Effort

Phoebe H

Phoebe showed a consistent desire to keep improving her art work throughout her GCSE Art and Design course, alongside a willingness to take risks and try new methods and materials, always ‘thinking outside the box’. Phoebe was a pleasure to teach!



The Computing and ICT Award

Rai P

A consistently hardworking individual who had the desire and passion to succeed in Computer Science. Rai always wanted to improve and to understand how to improve. Rai was a pleasure to teach and I wish her all the success in the future.


Outstanding Progress and Effort

Lauren P

An amazing individual who has worked hard to achieve the grade 9, which was a well-deserved grade two grades above her target grade. A consistently hard working and caring student who wanted to excel in Computer Science.  Lauren showed a clear passion for the subject. I wish her all the success in the future.



The Enid Eaton Memorial Trophy for English

Carys B

Carys didn’t always find English easy. In fact, at the start of the GCSE course, she was terrified as she believed she was only good at Maths and Science. Carys did not let this become a barrier. Instead she worked relentlessly and ultimately produced work of grade 9 (and beyond) quality. Carys’ presence in class was always so appreciated for her incredible insight and her willingness to share her ideas and opinions.


Outstanding Progress and Effort

Jenny L

Jenny was an exceptionally well-motivated student who always went above and beyond. She was an asset to the class and was a pleasure to teach, always making fantastic contributions in class. I was incredibly impressed by her continued commitment to her work even during school closure.



The Dunscar Trophy for Achievement in Geography

Bethan R

Bethan was more than a GCSE Geography student, she is a Geographer at all times. She views the physical world through the inquisitive eyes of someone who understands the processes that shape the landscape, able to see the evidence of processes at work and link them together to get the big picture. She is equally comfortable with human geography, being able to understand and assess out interactions with the planet, both good and bad. Above all, she never stopped asking how and why things happen, and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge.


Outstanding Progress and Effort

Louisa T

Louisa proved herself to be a fantastic student and passionate geographer. She was always very conscientious and had a strong desire to succeed. She always listened carefully to explanations and guidance in class and actively sought advice on how to improve her work further. Louisa’s extensive revision, hard work and determination paid off and she ended up achieving an outstanding grade 8, three grades higher than her target. Louisa was an absolute pleasure to teach and I was delighted she achieved so highly in the end – it was well deserved!



The Patricia Jones Cup for History

Bethan R

Bethan is an outstanding student with a superb attitude to learning and an unceasing desire to improve her historical knowledge and skills. Throughout her five years at PGHS, and particularly at GCSE level, Bethan always impressed the History Department with her enthusiasm for history and her ability to articulate her understanding in skilfully crafted written answers. It would be impossible to find a more hardworking, polite and diligent GCSE historian in the country. Bethan fully deserved her Grade 9 in history and is a fully deserved winner of the Patricia Jones Cup for History 2020. Well done!


Outstanding Progress and Effort

Ellie L

Ellie was an absolute pleasure to teach in history. Her attitude to learning and effort was always first class and as a result she made excellent progress in the subject. Ellie worked hard to build and extend her historical knowledge and she made significant improvements to her written answers. A top student and a deserved winner of this award. Well done!



The Mathematics Cup

Emily H-N

Emily showed enthusiasm, commitment, and resilience throughout her mathematics studies. Her understanding of algebraic concepts was outstanding and she was able to apply this to a range of challenging questions successfully. Emily regularly attended grade 9 revision sessions where she thrived, completing A-Level standard maths.


Outstanding Progress and Effort

Olivia C

Throughout her time at Penwortham Girls, Olivia’s attitude to learning was outstanding! She approached every lesson with infectious enthusiasm and never faltered in her determination to surpass her target grade. Olivia valued the importance of learning from her mistakes and would always be incredibly pro-active in seeking further guidance to help herself make the best possible progress. Not only did her resilience and positivity lead to her own superb success, she also helped to inspire her peers – frequently working collaboratively to understand and solve challenging higher problems. An absolute pleasure to teach and a valued member of her class. Well done, Olivia!




The Russell Family Cup for Languages

Ellie G

A superb dual linguist who gained a grade 9 in both French and German. An accurate writer in both languages and outstanding speaking skills. Ellie could not have been more diligent in lessons and with her homework. We wish her Viel Gluck and Bonne chance for all that she does in the future.


Outstanding Progress and Effort

Bo T

Bo worked extremely hard in German throughout Year 11, especially when it came to revising for her mock exams. Bo always participated in class and offered positive contributions to every lesson. Through her hard-work and outstanding attitude towards learning, Bo exceeded her target grade by a whole grade. Well done, Bo!



The Emma MacDougall Trophy for Achievement in Music

Carys B

Carys always worked tirelessly in Music perfecting her compositions and developing her understanding of the set works in preparation for the listening exam. Her essay questions demonstrated a clear musical understanding and were always so eloquently written. Carys is an able performer who always performs with such empathy; it was a pleasure to perform with her on these. The Music Department wish Carys every success in the future.


Outstanding Progress and Effort

Elizabeth H

Beth was an extremely committed musician throughout her time here at Penwortham Girls’ and could always be relied upon to perform in concerts and assemblies both as a soloist and member of any ensemble. Her performances were always superb and enjoyed by everyone. Beth made fantastic progress in composition and listening work, and these were always supported with an incredible amount of hard work and dedication outside of the classroom. We wish Beth every success in the future.





The Hewetson Cup for Outstanding Contribution to School Sport

Lois C (PE)

Lois is a fantastic athlete who performs superbly in every sport she is involved in. Her contribution to extra-curricular and effort in practical lessons was exemplary. Lois always provided detailed answers and sporting examples in her theoretical work which together with her practical work, allowed her to achieve highly in GCSE PE. We wish you every success in the future Lois and as a PE department, know you will go on to achieve in whatever you choose to do.


Freya J (Dance)

Freya is a hard-working student who always attended any extra rehearsals she could. Her dance technique is fantastic and is a very talented choreographer. You thoroughly deserve your grade 9 in Dance Freya, and I hope you have continued with Dance at College.


Sabha I (Health & Social Care)

Sabha made an outstanding contribution to the subject.  Her dedication and enthusiasm, alongside in-depth knowledge determined her success, with a fantastic result achieved. Sabha wants to continue this pathway in college and build her future career. Well done and good luck!


Outstanding Progress and Effort

Katie B (PE)

Katie is one of the most hard-working students I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Throughout her time in GCSE PE, she was always conscientious and diligent in both her practical and theory work. We wish you every success in the future Katie and as a PE department, know you will go on to achieve in whatever you choose to do.


Ruby I (Dance)

Ruby has a fantastic talent for choreography and produced a stunning group choreography towards the end of Y11. Throughout the GCSE Dance course, I saw her confidence develop to the dancer she is today. Ruby worked so hard and was a pleasure to teach.


Ellie M (Health & Social Care)

Outstanding effort and determination to succeed demonstrated in every lesson. She set her aim high and showed enthusiasm to achieve. Well done, Ellie!



Exceptional Achievement in Religious Education Trophy

Louisa T

Louisa’s passion and dedication for the subject led her to make exceptional progress in RE. Louisa did not see her target as a limit and was determined to achieve remarkable things. Achieving grade 6’s at the start of year 10, Louisa was consistently achieving grade 8’s and 9’s by the end of year 11. Some of her last essays were some of the best I’ve ever read. With this kind of resilience, Louisa is destined for success.



Outstanding Progress and Effort

Olivia W

Olivia had a record-breaking number of Grade 9’s throughout the two years. On so many occasions, Olivia scored full marks on her assessments. Olivia worked exceptionally hard to achieve so many impressive grades. Despite having a near perfect record, she always sought guidance on how to improve further.  Olivia has a very bright future ahead of her and I wish her every success.



The Angela Ball Award for Science

Alyssa A

Alyssa was hard-working and had a determination and resilience to understand all aspects of Science. Alyssa gave 100% in all her assessments and consistently exceeded her target grade making excellent progress in Science. She fully deserved her grade of 88 in Science, which was three grades hig

Girls into Engineering


On Wednesday 25th November, all of Year 10 took part in a virtual careers event organised by STEMFirst. The aim of the event was to allow all of our students to hear from multiple female STEM ambassadors about their careers. This opportunity allowed students to hear from a variety of women in the field of engineering and have all of their questions answered. The STEM ambassadors who joined the event were from BAE systems, Sellafield, Orsted and James Fisher Nuclear.

Year 10 were incredibly positive about the event and it was lovely to hear such great feedback. Here are some of their comments:

“It was inspirational to hear from all the female STEM ambassadors and it has inspired me look into the different engineering opportunities available to me.”

“I feel more interested in STEM now because the ambassadors were amazing. They gave such amazing advice and made the session so engaging. I was thinking of studying English or Psychology but now I am considering Engineering because it actually seems really cool!”

Did you know:

  • Only 10% of engineers worldwide are female.
  • We need 1.5 million more engineers before 2026.
  • 60% of young people will be doing a job in the future which currently does not exist.

Meet the future you!

Have you ever wondered what your skills or passions could lead to in the future?

Take this short quiz at


Miss Forrest


“If we want our children to thrive, teaching them to read is not enough – they must learn to enjoy it.”

Reading is of such vital importance to young children. It forms the basis and foundations for some much higher order tasks. If a student is unable to read a text or a question, they are unable to access the curriculum and so are unable to fulfil their full potential. Many students feel anxious when presented with a text and an extended answer question, simply deciding to leave it blank.  In Science, we have been modelling good reading and providing students with some strategies to answer these extended answer questions.

In year 7, we have been learning about cells. The students were presented with a piece of text and an extended answer question. They first skim-read the text, to gain a gist of the information. We then discussed any previous knowledge they may have, that would help then understand the text. The teacher then models good reading and reads the text to the class. Students can then re-read the text, highlighting any words they are unsure off. These are then discussed as a class in a no pressure setting, allowing every student a chance to ask for some clarity. Finally, we use a strategy to answer the extended answer question. We used CUBE to help us answer the question:

C – Circle any command words

U – underline any keywords

B – Box any tricky vocabulary or subject specific words

E – Eliminate the excess (words you don’t need to focus on).

By using this strategy, everyone was able to produce excellent answers, enjoying the task and no longer feeling as anxious when faced with big passages of text. Some examples are below.  The girls did a really good job and this strategy can also be used in a variety of other subjects as well. Great job, girls!

Mr Dean


In previous years, we have used Quizlet in school for whole class GCSE revision. It’s a fantastic, interactive way of revising and we’re looking forward to getting the iPads back out and using it in class once the situation allows.

Students preparing for GCSE’s or mock exams can still use the Quizlet website as a revision aid. Once signed up (which is free), pupils can select their subject and exam board.  They then choose from a wide range of pre-prepared flash cards.  Once they think they have memorised the information, they can test themselves or their friends. Quizlet provides a number of ways for pupils to revise, including the gravity game, where pupils need to answer the questions before the asteroid collides with the planet.

Revision can be a time-consuming and monotonous task if not done properly. Flash cards are an effective revision technique that also provides some variety to help keep students motivated.


Mr Coogan

Baking in Space – Bake to the Future

Year 7 students were invited to take part in an exciting free online event. This was part of Science week from 8th – 15th November 2020.

‘Baking In Space – Bake to the Future’ explored our planet in lockdown and how we have learned to adapt and the parallels between living in space and living during COVID-19.

Andrew Smyth, aerospace engineer and Great British Bake-Off finalist, and Dr Niamh Shaw, scientist, performer and space explorer, presented four virtual shows.  These took us on a journey from Earth to the Moon and back, with demos and bakes – all from your kitchen!

It was encouraging to see so many of our students get involved.

To coincide with this, we also invited the students to bake their own cell cake to demonstrate their knowledge of the topic of the cells that they are doing at the moment. Here are just some of the amazing uploads. The only downside being that we didn’t get to taste them in school this year.

Mrs R Cahill

COVID-19 Vaccine on the Horizon

Recent reports have suggested that there may be light at the end of the tunnel in relation to the misery caused by the COVID:19 pandemic, as initial trials have shown encouraging results.  Vaccination is an emotive issue and many of the talking points associated with vaccination programmes will be covered by Year 10 students after Christmas as they study the AQA Biology/Trilogy Unit 3 ‘Infection and Response’.

The girls will learn how vaccinations contain modified pathogens or synthetic versions of the antigens on the surface of the pathogen to stimulate the immune response to produce antibodies specific to the pathogen.  The girls learn about the presence of the ‘memory’ white blood cells which provide continued immunity. Vaccination programmes are studied and the pupils learn how they can establish ‘herd immunity’ within the community. The girls also learn about the process for developing new drugs, learning about the pre-clinical and clinical stages of drug development designed to test for ‘T.E.D’ (toxicity, efficacy and dosage).  These are terms being routinely used in news reports.

News of the Pfiza/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines being mRNA vaccines is of interest to year 11 students currently studying AQA Biology/Trilogy, unit 6 ‘Inheritance, Variation and Evolution.’  During this topic, the girls learn how the sequence of DNA bases within our genes determine the shape and function of the proteins synthesised by our body cells. These new mRNA vaccines use the genetic code of COVID:19 to allow human body cells to synthesise COVID’s antigen protein that then stimulates the body’s immune response.

As we move into 2021, we can only hope that the newly developed vaccines and other newly developed treatments will bring the COVID:19 pandemic to an end, whilst also showing the girls the relevance of the science curriculum. Such developments will hopefully spark the girl’s interest, inspiring them to considering studying science beyond PGHS and contribute towards exciting discoveries throughout their future careers.


Mr Knee

Rock Cycle

Year 8 have just come to the end of studying the topic of ‘Earth’ in Science. During this topic, students have learnt about different types of rocks and how these rocks are formed. Each type of rock and be transformed into another type of rock under certain conditions, which is called the rock cycle. 8S have made some wonderful posters to display their knowledge of the rock cycle.

Do you know what the three types of rock are?


Miss Forrest

  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award
  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award