Music Department News

As I’m sure you’re already aware, within KS3 we are not teaching in the Music classroom and therefore we have needed to adapt our curriculum to suit our current facilities. Nevertheless, our students have embraced the new way of working and have created some fantastic work!

In Year 7, students have been developing their understanding of rhythm and are now beginning to read, write and perform rhythm patterns using music notation. We have also been using the ‘GroovePizza’ app to support our performances. Mrs Little and I were incredibly impressed by many of the recycled instruments the girls created as part of their ‘Moving On Up Booklet’ work – there were numerous tissue box guitars, panpipes made from drinking straws, not to mention shakers and a glockenspiel from copper piping! Fantastic effort, girls.

Year 8 students have been developing their understanding of rhythm and have been learning to differentiate between simple and compound rhythm patterns. The girls will then build on this knowledge, learn how to compose a ‘good’ melody and combine all the knowledge learnt this term to write a melody in the style of an Irish jig.

Year 9 students have been learning all about Samba music. We have created our own classroom Samba bands using the equipment we have available (water bottles, pencil cases and the like!) and have learnt about the instruments used in these ensembles and their roles. There have been some fantastic performances and we have really enjoyed these activities. Super effort, girls. Well done!

Mrs Cattanach

Lancashire County Ensembles

If your daughter is able to perform at approximately Grade 2 standard, then she could be performing in the Lancashire County Ensembles. Click on the link below to find out more:

Classic FM are promoting a number of virtual concert experiences which are available in the weeks ahead.

Music Tuition

We are thrilled that so many students have taken up the opportunity to continue with Music tuition in these difficult times. I know the peripatetic staff have been delighted to see the girls back having lessons again. The girls will be allocated a static time for each half term, which we will try to rotate so that girls do not miss the same part of a lesson each half term. If you would like your daughter to have Music tuition, please email and she will forward a link to an electronic form for you to complete.

Virtual Interform Competition

After half term, the Performance, Sport and Health Faculty are launching our very first ‘Virtual Interform Competition’.

You will all be given 6 challenges to take part in over the half term. You can complete these at home but you may complete some in form time or your PE lessons. You must ensure your score/time is given to your form’s sports captain who will keep a record. There will be prizes for the winner of each challenge in every year group but there will also be a form prize. The form in each year group that participates in the most challenges as a collective, will win a Christmas hamper to enjoy on the last day of term.

The challenges are:

KS3 PE Lessons

Starting back to PE lessons in September was very different to our ‘normal’ PE lessons. Although many of our girls can’t wait to experience the wide range of sports we usually cover, our students have responded fantastically to the new changes. Positive, motivated and enthusiastic are just some of the words that spring to mind when I consider the attitudes of PGHS students as I reflect upon this half term’s PE lessons.

However, as the weather has started to deteriorate, this is causing issues for students participating in PE lessons in their school uniform. As a result, students will be able to bring the PGHS tracksuit bottoms that can be purchased as part of our PE kit, as well as their trainers and PGHS PE hoodie to future lessons. However, any pair of dark coloured (blue or black) tracksuit bottoms are suitable if the PGHS tracksuit bottoms have not been purchased. Your daughter will change within their designated classrooms ready for their lesson.

During these unprecedented times, we really value your continued support in ensuring your daughter still participates in physical activity on a weekly basis but in a safe way. We pride ourselves in developing resilient, passionate and curious learners in PE and I am confident this will continue throughout these uncertain times. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone, 01772 743399 or via email, .

Mrs Naylor
Curriculum Leader for Sport, Performance and Health

Archie the Therapy Dog – My Day at PGHS

I knew today was going to be different.  I sensed adventure lay ahead.

We got up extra-early on Friday 9th October and I’d hardly finished my breakfast before my owner was packing up my toys, snacks and poo bags ready to go to ‘Penwortham Girls’.  I leapt into the car with eager anticipation; where and what is this place called Penwortham Girls’?  Why am I going there today?  Most importantly, will I get lots of love and treats?

We turned into Penwortham Girls’ High School and suddenly it all made sense; I’m needed elsewhere.  My special healing powers have finally gained the wider recognition they deserve and I’m going to be helping to make people happier. 

I first met someone called Mr Ramsdale.  He looked a bit nervous as my owner left.  He took me down to a little room and said, ‘have a lie down’.  No problem, I thought.  Mr Ramsdale seemed to relax a bit, so immediately I was working my special magic!

I’d hardly been asleep five minutes when there was a knock at the door and Mrs Pomeroy came in to say hello.  She seemed nice and friendly.  Soon afterwards, other teachers popped in to see me.  They were all lovely and Miss Garlick even brought me snacks, so I really liked her.

After my nap I went off for my first therapy session.  A lady called Miss Wignall took me for a walk around a big, muddy field with a couple of students.  They threw a ball for me and let me sniff around.  I don’t know how I did it, but they were definitely happier afterwards.

At lunchtime, Mrs Pomeroy took me out into a big yard full of girls and I really felt like a celebrity now.  Everyone was smiling and making high pitched cooing noises at me.  Whilst out there, I managed to snaffle a few scraps of sandwich, some pasta and a bit of apple from the floor.  This was turning into a great day!

I must admit to feeling a little bit tired so I had another nap and then went out for some more therapy sessions in the afternoon.  I struggle to count but I reckon I must have helped at least 10 girls.

At the end of the day, Mr Ramsdale asked me to pose for a photo.  I think he wants everyone to remember me (as if anyone would forget) and perhaps continue to be healed when they see my adorably cute face.  I’ve been told that I’m very photogenic; what do you think?




There are already many reasons to celebrate this first half term in the languages department and not just the European Day of Languages and the Day of German Unity.  We have had lots of fun working on our Quizlet flashcard sets. This year we have launched our use of Quizlet to practise and help our students with their vocabulary learning.  Quizlet is a fantastic tool to make flashcards and practise vocabulary in a fun way. Just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference to learning and Quizlet makes learning fun.  Each week, our classes have vocabulary uploaded and it allows our girls to compete in a tournament to be the quickest at match up but also the most accurate in the quiz.  We have also launched our active learn website which gives our students access to reading, listening and vocabulary tasks linked to our schemes of work.  If you don’t have log-ins for Quizlet and Active Learn, please email

Year 7 have enjoyed learning how to greet each other, give their name, age and say where they live.  They have also learnt the German alphabet and even taught someone at their home the German alphabet.  Lots of family members have enjoyed the teaching you have done, girls! Well done! Some Year 8 girls have started their learning journey in French and are really enjoying learning about greeting people, numbers and talking about family members and have made amazing progress in such a short space of time.  Keep up the good work!

Mrs Gill
Curriculum Leader for MFL

Tag der Deutschen Einheit

The day of German Unity is celebrated every year on 3rd October and this year we joined our German friends in celebrating by learning about what the day entails and why it is so important to Germany.  KS3 spent the day on Friday learning about the events that led to the Berlin wall being built, what effect this had on the nation, how the East Germans felt and what life was like behind the Berlin Wall.  We watched films and short video clips and we particularly enjoyed learning about all the ways that the East Germans tried to escape over the Berlin wall.  We acted out the scenarios in our classroom, as our teachers divided us up into West and East Berlin and imagined how the German citizens would have felt. As a school, we designed our posters in the form of handprints on blue and yellow paper to depict the artist’s impression after the Berlin wall came down.  We filled our handprints with famous quotes and German vocabulary to depict the freedom they felt – die Freiheit, die Toleranz, die Gleicheit und die Mauer.


Mrs Gill
Curriculum Leader for MFL


Here are some of the wonderful Berlin walls we drew with our handprints to signify freedom.

Life Skills

All of the students have started the academic year in Life Skills with a reflection on their experiences and thoughts about lockdown. KS3 students are now looking at some of the content that they would have covered in the spring and summer term last year before moving on. KS4 are having weekly form time sessions.

Here are the reflections from some of the Life Skills staff, as well as snippets of the work that KS3 students have been doing since our return in September:

‘In Life Skills, the girls have been learning numerous aspects that can help them deal with important day to day situations, both in and outside school, as well as guiding them to understand how to approach potentially challenging aspects in the future.

Students engage with thought provoking tasks and classroom debates so all opinions and views can be expressed. Current topics include ‘Friendships’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Feelings’, ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Behaviours’, as well as Sex Education elements.

These are all essential factors that students learn to a deeper and more confident level, hopefully leading to a better understanding and safer choices.’

Miss H Owen.

‘7J are enjoying their Life Skills lessons and are contributing to all the new skills and values effectively. They have explored the ‘Friendships’ and ‘Relationships’ topics and are now working on ‘Healthy Lifestyle and Balanced Diet’. They are very dedicated to all class tasks and paired work. Year 8 and 9 are currently exploring ideas on different relationships and friendships including intimate relationships. All students have developed effective communication skills including assertiveness, active listening and the valuing of others’ feelings. They have also explored a range of positive and negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours which can impact their life. ‘

Ms M Shahi.

‘In Year 7 Life Skills, we initially thought about how we have overcome difficulties and obstacles.

We have had some great discussions about all the fantastic achievements that we have accomplished.

We have also thought about the things that we hope to achieve in the future and how we will achieve these ambitions.

Each student has created their own trophy which tells us some of the things that we are most proud of achieving. ‘

Mr J Bretherton.

  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award
  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award