Charity Fundraising

Last week, the Soroptimist Society donated £300 to St Catherine’s Hospice. The money was raised by selling sweets and different refreshments on sports day, running a bake sale and organising a Halloween hunt. This money has been raised thanks to the students at PGHS who have been very supportive by participating in these events. St Catherine’s told us they are going to put the money towards buying Alexa’s for the patients in the hospice allowing them to listen to music whilst they are ill in bed. Many of us will be grateful to St Catherine’s hospice at some point in our lives when they look after our family members, and I hope this donation shows our gratitude.

Mr Herbert,

Associate Assistant Headteacher and Curriculum Leader for History


So far this year, the Soroptimists have been very active in fund raising. Each year, the Soroptimists fund the Education of Fisokuhle, a 14 year old girl from Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). Sadly, Fisokuhle’s parents are unable to care for her and so a family has adopted her but they cannot afford her education. Fisokuhle is a brilliant student and is always at the top of her class. She needs our help to fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor or a pilot. Here is some of the things the Soroptimists have done so far: 

Christmas Markets:

In December, the Soroptimists contributed to the Penwortham Christmas Markets. The tombola stall was organised and run by the Student Leadership Team along with Miss Buckle. The stall was a huge success and it was lovely to see parents, students and former students visit us. We raised £215 to help fund the education of Fisokuhle. Thank you again for all your kind donations towards the tombola stall.

Christmas Music Video:

Throughout December, the staff at PGHS were busy filming a Christmas music video. The song of choice was ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ by Wizzard. Plenty of staff got involved, including the Science department, the Maths department, the English department and many more. Mrs Hall and Mrs Pomeroy also feature in the video.

Once the music video was completed, it was shown in assembly and to forms on the last day of term. Although the singing was impressive, the 3-minute section of bloopers was definitely the best part! Students were asked to bring in a donation of 50p to contribute to the Soroptimists. Thank you to all staff involved!

Upcoming events:

Bake sale: Our next fundraising event will be a bake sale on the 7th February for St. Catherine’s Hospice.

Easter Egg Hunt: The Soroptimists are currently planning the annual Easter Egg Hunt that will take place next half term. It was a great success last year, so we are looking forward to doing the the hunt again. Here are the prizes that were won last year:

Miss Buckle

RE Department

Show Racism the Red Card School Competition

In March, students took part in the school competition ‘Show Racism the Red Card.’ We ran this as a PGHS competition and received many entries that were creative and original. The best 7 were put to an anonymous staff vote and the school winners were:

1st place Year 9 – Emma C

2nd place Year 10 – Libby W and Maisie W

3rd place – Naomi S

Each school were allowed one entry per category to be put forward to the national entries. Emma C’s work was entered in to the Year 7-9 Artwork category and Maisie W and Libby W’s work were placed in the Year 10+ Creative Writing and Artwork category.

Maisie W and Libby W came second in their category overall. This was out of 25,000 entries across the country. They were invited to the awards ceremony at Anfield last week, where CBeebies presenters, Ben Cajee and Alex Winters presented the awards.  Other special guests included Liverpool legends, John Barnes and Alan Kennedy.

The prizes donated by the sponsors of the charity were outstanding. Both students received an England football shirt, a football shirt from the team that they support, a football, a FIFA 2023, 2 books, ASDA vouchers and other prizes.

The whole awards ceremony was very humbling and inspiring.  We listened to some of the entries from other students who had come from as far as Surrey to collect their awards. We will certainly be running this competition again in the next academic year.  On October 20th 2023, we will be wearing red in support of the charity.

All entries to the school competition and the national entries will proudly be shown on display in school over the coming months. 

Mrs Cahill

Life Skills Co-ordinator

Culture and Community Day

On Friday 31st March Penwortham Girls’ High School held our second Culture and Community Day where students were invited to wear clothes which represented them and their culture, hobbies or interests. There was a fantastic array of colourful dress and uniform with staff joining in too. Discussions took place throughout the day with students and teachers alike invited to share what they were wearing and how it was significant to them. It really was a superb day and created a fantastic buzz around school. 

Usually when we have ‘non-uniform days’ in school students choose to raise money for charity. Whilst we were thinking about our community our Student Leadership Team wanted to do something a little different and therefore decided that each student should bring in an item of food to donate to a local food bank. The response to this was phenomenal so a massive thank you to everyone who donated. 

The stage was the central collection point and the front of it was absolutely covered in donations as you can see from the photographs. 

The donations were then divided between three local foodbanks chosen by the Student Leadership team. These were: Penwortham Food Bank, Noor Food Bank and The Foxton Centre. Each Food Bank was astounded by the donations received and were extremely grateful. 

This is something we will certainly look to do in future. A tremendous success everyone; Well done!

Mrs Cattanach

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Empathy Week – Ambition for a better world

This week is Empathy Week 2023, and we are promoting the importance of empathy during assemblies scheduled for every year group. Empathy is strongly linked to our school core values which include social responsibility, compassion, dignity, and resilience. As our world becomes more connected and globalised, navigating it becomes more complex.

Empathy is the skill that underpins connection, trust, safety and hence wellbeing. We want our students to understand those around them, whether they agree with them or not. We hope that this will allow them to build better, more meaningful, and fruitful relationships with those around them.

Last year as a school we participated in a research project with the University of Cambridge to show how the programme can impact on developing the skill of empathy in our students. We also were invited by the Empathy Week team to talk to other schools at the Bett show in London last year.

This year we will be focusing on the story of Bhawana who tells her story of upholding rights, education, and gender equality. She uses her personal ambition to improve not only her own circumstances but also help support the rights of others, showing her ambition for a better world.

This then ties into the assemblies next week which will highlight International Women’s Day and the 2023 theme is EmbraceEquity.

Mrs Hall, Deputy Headteacher

Fundamental British Values – Q&A with Katherine Fletcher MP

Last Friday representatives from each form group in years 7-9 attended an hour long question and answer session with our local MP, Katherine Fletcher. Students came well prepared with questions on a variety of topics including the cost of living crisis, the war in Ukraine and the winter strikes. Before the Christmas break, as part of their study of Fundamental British Values, students had learnt about the issue of migration across the English Channel, and had prepared a number of questions for Mrs Fletcher on the topical issue. Mrs Fletcher gave full answers to all questions and students were provided with a superb insight into current affairs from an MP’s perspective, as well as a glimpse into the Parliamentary world.  It was very much appreciated by the students that Mrs Fletcher had given up her time to visit school and give such honest and interesting answers to their questions.

Mr Herbert

Associate Assistant Headteacher


At Penwortham Girls’ High school, we are committed to promoting an environment where all students feel part of our community. As the first secondary school in Lancashire to achieve all of the LCC Equality Charter marks, we are aware of how important it is to provide a platform for certain groups such as our LGBTQIA+ students. 

We run an LGBTQIA+ group for KS3 and KS4 students at lunchtimes during the week. This provides the students with a space where they can explore their identity, make friends, have a voice and have a sense of belonging. The group worked as a team to put together assemblies to celebrate LGBTQIA+ history month. We are now working toward the Rainbow Flag Award to celebrate the school’s approach to inclusion. 

Miss Starkie

Equalities Lead

Caroline Lowton Kindness Cup

Each half term we like to present the ‘Caroline Lowton Kindness Trophy’ to one student in a year group who has demonstrated kindness and support to their peers every day. Caroline was a very special individual who, as our school nurse, always went the extra mile to support our students both in school and at home; we always look forward to presenting this trophy in her memory.

Last half term, we asked Year 11 to nominate a student who demonstrates kindness daily; kindness that goes unnoticed by many but is truly appreciated by a few. There was one student who stood out as being kind and compassionate to others. This student really did stand out from the rest with some truly thoughtful words which we know would have made Caroline smile, therefore we would like to award the trophy to Maryam M. After receiving the award Maryam said “What makes this award so special to me is that my friends and peers were the ones that voted for me, and I think there are so many people worthy of this award, so I really appreciate everyone who voted for me. It’s a huge honour to receive this award and thank you so much to everyone that voted!”

Mrs S Hall

Deputy Headteacher

Lancashire Equality Mark

We are very proud to announce that PGHS have been awarded the full Lancashire Equality Mark! We are the first secondary school in Lancashire to achieve this award, which is given to schools that can demonstrate a commitment to embedding equality throughout their practice and who enable all their students to thrive in a supportive learning community.

For the past three years, our school has been working towards the Lancashire Equality Mark. There are six different strands, and all must be achieved before the school can be awarded the full mark: Socio-economic, Race, Religion, Gender and Gender Variance, Sexual Orientation and Disability.

Working towards these different strands has created lots of opportunities within our school to celebrate our diverse and amazing school community. We have enjoyed celebrating International Women’s Day, where we were able to welcome some of our incredible PGHS alumni back into our school, including Dame Sue Ion and the BBC’s Nazia Mogra. We have also sought lots of opportunities as a school community to broaden our knowledge of equality in the wider world, such as in our research competition for Black History Month, or our sessions with ‘Solutions Not Sides’ during our school drop down days. Last year, we even held our very own ‘Unitee’ fashion show, which challenged each form to create their own T-Shirt inspired by the theme of unity!

A representative from Lancashire County Council has previously visited PGHS to see what we have been doing as a school to ensure and promote equality. We are incredibly proud with the feedback we received from the council, which described our work on ensuring inclusivity as “exemplary”. They also said our learning environment was “particularly inspiring” and wanted to pass on their congratulations to all staff and pupils in school.

We are looking forward to finding yet more opportunities to celebrate and support our diverse school community. Myself and Mrs Hall are excited to be working with our newly elected School Respect Council Leader, who is full of exciting ideas about different ways that we can continue to promote equality in school.

Miss Starkie and Mrs Hall

International Women’s Day

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day was ‘Break the Bias’, and calls for people to imagine a gender-equal world that is free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination; that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive; and a world where difference is valued and celebrated.

As a school, we wanted to celebrate women with connections to the school community so we invited former students and staff to take part in an assembly to reflect on the challenges faced by women today. It was our pleasure to interview the BBC presenter Nazia Mogra, Dame Sue Ion, and also Professor Suzanne Ost who all attended Penwortham Girls’ High School in their formative years.

They shared their insights into what had driven them to achieve success and highlighted the importance of our school’s core values; resilience and ambition. They additionally highlighted the importance of integrity, being ethical, and the value of a positive mindset.

Mrs Hall
Deputy Headteacher

  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award
  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award