Year’s 8 & 9 South Ribble Cup Football Match

After numerous re-arranged matches due to waterlogged pitches, last Wednesday our Year 8 and 9 football team finally got to play their South Ribble 11-a-side Cup Match against Lostock Hall Academy. 

It was a great game of end-to-end football that really could have gone either way. After conceding a goal close to half time, our girls demonstrated fantastic resilience, skill, effort and sportsmanship. They really battled in the second half but unfortunately Lostock got another goal close to full time. 

It finished 2-0. We wish Lostock Hall luck for the next round.

A massive well done to all our girls for superb efforts throughout – Jessica L, Freya G, Isabelle M, Georgia B, Amelia M, Chloe M, Jessica C, Daisy L, Sophia W, Phoebe B, Mahnoor C and Sophie W. 

Mrs Tompson

PE Department

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United Kingdom Mathematics Trust – Junior Mathematical Challenge 2024

On Thursday 25th April, it was time for our Year 7 and 8 pupils to take on the yearly challenge of the UKMT Junior Mathematics Challenge 2024.

This national event takes the form of a multiple-choice quiz based on using mathematical skills learnt in lessons to solve problems.

Over 4000 schools across the UK take part in this event and the standard of participation is high, only the best achieving students can receive an award, and to do so is recognition of the effort and ability of our students.

After good showings from previous year groups in their respective challenges last year, expectations were very high and I am proud to announce that this year the results were our best ever with our highest ever number of pupils receiving awards.

This year’s prize winners are as follows:

Cherlotte Y (Year 8) – Best in School, Best in Year 8 and Gold award

Lucy R (Year 8) – Gold award

Hannah R (Year 7) – Best in Year 7 and Silver award

Silver awards were achieved by the following:

(Year 7) Karma A, Heidi A, Gauri-Radha C, Amelia N, Violet C, Bella P, Veronica K and Hollie I.

(Year 8) Georgia B, Eva P, Lily H, Ruby M, Klara B, Ava T, Safaa D, Emily T, Laila B, Charlotte T, Isabella F, Maryam H, Julia M, Sophia W and Jenya Z.

Bronze awards were achieved by the following:

(Year 7) Isabelle C, Julia K, Ellie B, Grace D, Aryana S, Alicia E, Ellouise-May W, Alisia J, Gabriella R, Tess W, Lucy B, Abbie B and Amelia F.

(Year 8) Haalah N, Beatrix W, Jasmine H, Erin H, Emily M, Caitie S, Abigail W, Freya G, Beaux W, Sahasra V, Martha S, Yasmin S, Amala K, Jessica B, Safiyyah R, Lilah C, Anya M, Micah T and Isabelle M.

Congratulations to everybody involved and a big thank you to Mr Cafferkey for organising this year’s challenge.

The department is already looking forward to seeing what each year group can do in their respective challenges next year.

Mr S Cheal

The Mathematics Department

Mr McVey’s Mysterious Maths – Euro 2024 Edition

With the European Football Championships due to begin in Germany on 14th June, this challenge involves solving three related problems. As usual, a correct set of solutions either emailed to me ( or handed to me in person will be rewarded with a Head’s Breakfast and a special prize.

Good luck!

1.       The driving distance between Munich and Hamburg is approximately 790 km. How many miles is this? (You can use the conversion that 1 mile ≈1.6 km).

2.       Amy and Olivia have tickets to watch the first match in Munich. Their tickets cost €95 each, plus a handling fee of €5 per transaction. Given the exchange rate of £1 = €1.17, calculate how much their tickets cost in total, giving your answer in pounds.

3.       The BVB Stadion in Dortmund is famous for its ‘Yellow Wall’ – the largest freestanding grandstand in Europe. The remainder of the stadium can seat 12 000 more spectators than this grandstand, and the ratio of seats in the grandstand to the remainder of seats is 25:37.

  1. Calculate the seating capacity of the ‘Yellow Wall’.
  2. Calculate the total seating capacity of the stadium.

South Ribble Netball League

On Thursday 25th April, the Year 7 Netball A Team travelled to All Hallows for the South Ribble netball league play-offs. They came from behind to beat Balshaws in a brilliantly contested first round and went onto the gold medal match against All Hallows. It was goal for goal until the final quarter but PGHS showed incredible determination and teamwork to take the win! They are well deserving South Ribble League champions and Mrs Finnigen and the PE department are SO proud! A huge well done to all the Year 7 netballers who have trained and played together all year.

(Izzy, Phoebe, Erin, Tess, Violet, Daisy, Gabby, Ellie) 

On Monday 29th April, it was the Year 10s turn to take on the South Ribble netball league play-offs. After a well contested match against Lostock Hall, PGHS took on All Hallows and came away as Bronze medal winners. A huge congratulations to the team and all Year 10s who have trained and played this year. We are very proud and are looking forward to next year’s season already! 

(Ruby, Zara, Ebony, Neve, Tilly, Georgia, Eliza) 

Miss Finnigen

PE Department

There have been some outstanding performances from our Year 8 Netball Team. The A team were runners up in the South Ribble Netball League. They won all their games against all other schools except All Hallows. Congratulations to all team players and well played! 

Team players: Georgia B, Phoebe B, Lily H, Izzy M, Leila C, Ruby M, Jasmine H and Eva P. 

Players’ player: Lily H

Coach’s player: Jasmine H

Miss Shahi

PE Department

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Articles by the Press Gang

An informal chat with our new Headteacher, Mrs Hall.

Laila B, Charlotte T and Micah T entered Mrs Hall’s office to ask her a few questions about the school and how she feels about certain subjects related to the school’s environment and its people. The answers she gave were full of confidence as she reeled off the information that we were in her office to gather.

During our time with the Headteacher, she answered our questions with great passion and enthusiasm.

Firstly, we asked “How do you find being a Headteacher?” Mrs Hall replied saying that it’s an amazing job working in this wonderful school. She also added that she takes pleasure in watching the students enjoy our school and providing feedback.

Next, we asked “Why did you pursue teaching?” Mrs Hall responded by saying that she continues teaching to “form a path” and to help students “make the best of themselves” and to “believe in themselves”. She made it clear that she wanted to enforce the school values to help students “live their best life.”

We were welcomed very kindly and Mrs Hall was a perfect interviewee. All of our questions were answered thoroughly and the three of us, (Charlotte, Micah and Laila) will definitely look forward to our next interview with our Headteacher.

The Chase

Well done to all our Year 7 students who participated in The Chase. This was a tough game for all the girls but we WON!!! The Chaser this time was Mrs S Bennett who was ‘THE CRUNCHER’. Ivy G, Violet C, Sienna P, Alice T and Darcey U all took part in representing their forms 7 P,G,H,S and J.

First up was Ivy G who answered all her questions correct and was home safe! Next was Violet C who also got home. Then commiserations to Sienna P who was sadly caught. Alice T made it home and was very happy about it. Finally, there was Darcey U who sadly couldn’t make it home.

Then came the final Chase. The 3 girls who made it through answered 11 out of 14 questions correctly. Then the Chaser was up. It was a stressful moment for everyone as the Chaser was on her 11th question but then her time was up. THE YEAR 7s WON!

Well done to all the girls who participated and well done to Mrs Bennett too. Better luck next time.

Alyce and Amana (Year 7)

The Bone Sparrow

In English with Miss Garlick, we just finished The Bone Sparrow. This moving book explores what it means to live as a refugee. It covers a range of important themes, such as friendship and family, grief and loss, hope, fear and freedom. It follows a young boy, called Subhi, who lives in a concentration camp in Australia. He is a Rohingya Muslim who has never set foot on the other side of the fence but everything changes when a curious girl called June crawls under the fence. Based on a true story, this book was both educational and thrilling. This is a must read for anybody who is interested in thrillers or religious historical stories with both joy and sadness. I would give this book a solid 4.5 stars and would like to read more like this.

By Maayana C 8S

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a classic book filled with love, fear and mystery. The heroine, Jane, is plain and poor but has a fiery temper, sharp wit and a kind heart. As a young child, she lived with her cruel aunt after her parents death. She is later sent to the austere Lowood Institution, a charity school, where she and the other girls are mistreated. In early adulthood, after several years of working as a teacher at Lowood, she musters the courage to leave. She finds work as a governess at Thornfield Hall where she meets the dashing Mr Rochester.

The novel follows the simple Jane as she battles through life’s struggles. Many obstacles stood in the way of Jane, including her cruel aunt, the grim conditions at Lowood, her love for Mr Rochester and the separation from him.

Jane Eyre is most certainly a quest for love but also a search for a sense of being valued and of belonging.

Amelia N 7H

The Tempest – Year 7

The enchanting world of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” has come alive in the vibrant storyboards created by our Year 7 students.

“The Tempest,” often considered one of Shakespeare’s most magical works, transports audiences to a remote island where Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, uses his sorcery to manipulate the elements and seek justice. Through intricate illustrations and thoughtful narratives, our students have delved into the depths of this captivating tale.

Not only do these storyboards showcase the artistic talents of our students, but they also demonstrate their understanding of the complex themes present in “The Tempest.” Through their interpretations, they explore concepts of power, betrayal, forgiveness and the enduring resilience of the human spirit.

Congratulations to our Year 7 students on their impressive achievements, and may their journey through the world of Shakespeare continue!

Miss Garlick

Teacher of English & Drama

Introducing Mrs Marsh

Hi! I’m Mrs Marsh and I wanted to take this opportunity to say how excited I am to be part of the English faculty here at Penwortham Girls’ High School.

I have taught in a number of schools in Lancashire and the Midlands over the last 24 years. Teaching English and English Literature really is a passion of mine. I love teaching and feel that it is a privilege to be in such a trusted position to guide and hopefully enthuse and inspire young people.

When not in a classroom, I enjoy spending time with my family, walking or watching trash TV (although I do love a costume drama!) Some of my favourite places to have a wander are the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales.

I love books shops. One of my happy places is on a comfy sofa, curled up with a good book, a brew and a piece of cake. My all time favourite novels are some of the classics, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. Although currently, I love reading books by Maggie O’Farrell.

I love music and going to gigs and festivals. I love the theatre and all that jazz.

I very much look forward to getting to know students and staff a little better over the coming months.

Design and Technology

Year 7

In Design and Technology, the key stage 3 classes have come to the end of the 3rd rotation this year. All classes have been busily completing practical work ready for pupils to take home and show off to their families.

In Year 7 Textiles, students have been hand embroidering stationary holders, incorporating glow-in -the-dark thread as they learn about smart materials.

In Product Design, students have been designing and making a marble run whilst learning about mechanisms.

In Food Technology, Year 7 students have made an number of dishes following the theme of ‘childhood adventures.’ This included cupcakes, scones, pizza toast and pasta salads.

Year 8

In Year 8 Textiles, the students have been designing and making bags based on the theme of ‘festivals’. This rotation, they have extended the project even further by adding a lining inside the bag to give it that professional finish. 

In Food Technology, students have made an number of dishes following the Eat-Well Guide. This included bread rolls, burgers, ragu sauce and pizza.

Year 9

Year 9 Textiles were given the theme of ‘Eco-Warriors’. Students used decorative techniques, such as applique, to add detail to an upcycled shirt brought in from home. 

Students in Product Design have been learning about metals and plastic. They have been using CAD skills to design and make a mould . They then poured melted pewter into this to create a key charm.

In Food Technology, Year 9 students have made an number of dishes following the theme of ‘Fairtrade’. This included Swiss rolls, soup, curry and  smoothies.

Year 11 Art

Year 11 GCSE Art have just completed their 10 hour exam and have completed some truly stunning work. We are blown away with the high standard of work being produced in the Art department!

Mrs Mitchell

Head of Art, Design and Photography

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Year 11 Photography

Year 11 have just completed their photography exam. They worked extremely hard on their 10-hour final piece.

They selected their own theme from the exam paper and explored this idea independently. There have been some really creative ideas! 

Mrs Mitchell

Head of Art, Design and Photography

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  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award
  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award