MFL Department News Spring Term 2021

What a busy term it has been for all in the MFL department! We have been learning all about the French and German Easter celebrations in our lessons.  It is always so useful and interesting for students to find out about some of the traditions and customs that take place.  To help us in German, we have watched a video from Germany that introduced us to different Easter traditions.  We learned some important vocabulary and we also got creative, making Easter decorations.

Easter (Ostern) in Germany is the time for coloured eggs, chocolate bunnies, bonfires and spring cleaning. Ostereier (Easter eggs) are very common and many families will blow and decorate eggs. These eggs are hidden on Easter Sunday and children will hunt for them. Some families will also have a tree branch, which is used for hanging the eggs from. Furthermore, the Easter bunny (Osterhase) will deliver chocolate eggs to the children as well. Over the Easter weekend there will be bonfires lit (Osterfeuer), and it is traditional to have a Spring clean on Easter Monday. Traditional food for Easter Sunday would most likely be lamb. At the start of Lent, many Germans celebrate Karneval, or Fasching, which is basically a big party or parade through the streets. Cologne (Köln) has probably the most famous one and we have learnt about these in our lessons this last week.

Year 7:

In year 7, we have created German Easter cards using the language we have learned in our lessons. Some of these Easter cards will be heading to Germany to our pen-pals!

Year 8:

In year 8, we have followed the German tradition of decorating eggs. Once decorated, the eggs are hung on trees just like the eggs that our year 8s created have been.  How good do they look?

Year 9:

Our year 9 German classes have worked together to create colourful bunting, which we can use to decorate our classrooms. The girls have used German language, drawn wonderful pictures and used bright colours to make the most beautiful bunting.

Mrs Gill and Miss Gelder

Year 8 Snakes and Ladders with an Easter Theme

In the Modern Foreign Languages Department, we are always trying to find ways to practise and remember the language that we have already learnt in class.

This term, Year 8 have focussed on the topic of ‘food’ and 8H and 8G were tasked with designing a revision game of Snakes and Ladders to help us revise the language which we have learnt during lockdown and the more recent language learnt on our return to school.

As it is nearly Easter, our games have a Spring or Easter theme to them. We are looking forward to playing the games with our families during the Easter Holidays. 

Don’t worry, parents and carers, there is an answer sheet included on the back of the game!  However, you forfeit a turn if you ask to look at it!

Mrs Williams

Year 8 Wer Kann?  Der Kann?  Germany’s answer to the Great British Bake Off!

Mrs Williams’ Year 8 classes have taken their baking skills one step further. For homework, they have had the choice of making one of 3 dishes by following a German recipe.  Take a look at some of the delicious results.  Mmmmm! Sehr lecker.

Mrs Williams

Year 8 French Pen Pals

In recent weeks, Y8 French have been working on the topic of ‘school’ and are now busy writing a school brochure to be sent to our French pen pals. They will include descriptions of their school day, uniform, subjects, timetable and their ideal school. We should receive something similar from France, so watch this space!

Madame Raine

Year 7 German Pen Pals

Some Y7 pupils had volunteered to get an extra German pen pal and they have been busy writing to them. They designed an Easter card and wrote about how we celebrate Easter in the UK. We are looking forward to receiving cards soon.

Madame Raine

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Mrs Gill

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  • Artsmark Platinum Award - Awards by Arts Council England
  • Lancashire Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • School Mental Health Award
  • Ofsted - Outstanding Provider
  • International School Award