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26th April 15

You will need to revise RIVERS for the following examinations:

End of Unit Test - October Yr10

End of Year 10 Exam - March Yr10

Mock - November Yr11

Paper 2 - GCSE Exam - Summer Yr11

Below is the revision powerpoint which will have been used in your class. Download to try the activities again at home.

The Fact Sheets below have been produced to help you prepare for your exams. These help sheets include key facts, examiner advice and common GCSE questions. They have been devised as a 'first step'; if you're unsure by any of the processes, concepts or issues highlighted then you need to dig a little deeper.

These resources have been produced for YOU,
 make sure you take advantage of them.

Higher Revision (for those aspiring for B or above)

Foundation Revision (for those aiming for a C)

Revision Checklist:

a) You've downloaded all the revision sheets.

b) You've learnt the key facts and had a go at the questions.

c) For the important case studies and hard bits, you've looked back through your class book to find more detailed information. 

d) You've explored the BBC bitesize site

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So now your ready to put your knowledge to the test... quite literally with a test!!!!

e) Download and complete the mock mock (!) below. Don't forget to time yourself... 30 minutes.

e) Then print off the mark scheme and score your performance.

Don't forget... if at any stage during the revision process your stuck, you can always ask your Geography teacher for help - we're just a click away at